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World History (examples)


Instruction:The tasks with one correct answer from five offered ones are offered to you.

1.“47. If someone have fields as a gift of the king, he should not be serve. The king will take bread from the table and give it to him. If someone buy all the fields of an artisan, then he must serve. If he buy only most part of the fields, he should not be in service.

104. If someone cut down grapes or a mountain apple tree, or another tree, he must pay a loss in silver. And must deliver it to the victim’s house.

168. If someone breaks the border of the field and takes one furrow of someone else’s field, then the owner of the field must cut 1 gippesar of field of the field of guilty man and take it himself”.

To what period and what country does this document belong to?

A) the prosperity time of the Hittites Kingdom

B) period of early medieval Frankish state

C) feudal period in England

D) republican period in Ancient Rome

E) period of oprichnina in Russia

2. “In the old days three brothers and their sister from the tribe of polyan lived on the bank of the Dnieper River. Elder brother Kiy, his younger brothers Scheck, Horeb and sister Lebed were trading with neighboring tribes. They built a city on the bank of the Dnieper and gave it the name of the eldest of brothers”.

This narrative describes about foundation of the:

A) Kiev


C) Moscow

D) Rome

E) Warsaw


Instruction:You are offered the tasks where one or some correct answers are possible.

No more than three correct answers can be in test tasks with the choice of one or some correct answers.


1. In 395 Roman Empire was divided into:

A) Eastern Roman Empire

B) Athens

C) Western Roman Empire

D) Babylon

E) Northern Roman Empire

F) Persia

G) Sparta

H) Southern Roman Empire

2. City-state (s) in Medieval Italy:

A) Florence

B) Paris

C) Granada


E) Nancy

F) London

G) Hamburg

H) Venice

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