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Human. Sociaty. Law (examples)


Instruction:The tasks with one correct answer from five offered ones are offered to you.

1. More prevalent form of evaluation of human abilities is:






2. Way intended for you only, rather than for a group of people that you belong to:

A) social


C) personal


E) positive

Instruction:You are offered the tasks where one or some correct answers  are  possible.

No more than three correct answers can be in test tasks with the choice of one or some correct answers.

1."The horizon dividing the circle (that is, something complete, whole) into two halves gives a general outline of the structure of the universe, consisting of two parts: the upper is Heaven ... and the bottom is Celestial ..."

Determine to which country related the symbol described in the text:

A) Rome

B) Greece

C) Japan

D) China

E) Lidia

F) Egypt

G) Persia

H) Korea

2. Who from the following philosophers is (are) not related to ancient Greece?

A) Copernicus

B) Democritus

C) Columbus

D) Pythagoras

E) Heraclitus

F) Hopkins

G) Socrates

H) Aristotle

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